Ed Schultz: Glenn Beck’s ‘Ignorance Marathon’ Proves ‘He’s A Liar’

Ed Schultz was not happy with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for allegedly laughing at the Japanese crisis as some type of payback from God. Schultz played clips of both men before launching into his verbal “takedown.”

Schultz interrupted Beck’s clip saying, “it would be bad enough if he stopped there, but Beck continued the ignorance marathon, claiming the world has never really seen a bad nuclear disaster.” Beck claimed reports of deaths during the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl have been exaggerated by the “I hate nukes” people. Schultz then cited statistics from around the world suggesting many more people died from Chernobyl-related cancer and argued nuclear aftermath should be treated much more seriously.

In the end, Schultz gave a back-handed compliment to Rush, whether he wanted it or not, suggesting Rush isn’t nearly as bad as Beck. “Beck should stick to making insensitive comments with his buddy Rush, at least those remarks don’t involve things like facts or history that proves he’s a liar.” Maybe a bit harsh, given that disputing the accuracy of numbers isn’t really the same as lying about them, yet all’s fair in love and nuclear talk?

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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