‘That’s a Bunch of Bullsh*t’: RT America’s Ed Schultz Bashes CNN in Fiery Rant


Former MSNBC and current RT America host Ed Schultz bashed CNN in a fiery rant over its use of anonymous sources in reporting on Russia.

“You’ll notice that CNN a little over a month ago went on the air and said that the hacking that took place went all the way to Vladimir Putin,” Schultz said during an appearance on the financial news outlet Cheddar Monday. “Well, what’s more important? National security or protecting the sources of CNN? Give me a name! Give the country your insight on this, CNN!”

Schultz added: “That’s a bunch of bullshit!”

Schultz, who previously hosted a progressive talk show on MSNBC, joined the highly controversial RT America network in early 2016. In a feature on Schultz last December, The Washington Post‘s Paul Farhi wrote that Schultz now espouses a “Russo-friendly, or perhaps American-skeptical, viewpoint.” In the Post‘s story, Farhi quotes Stanford professor Michael McFaul, who called RT “an instrument of the Russian state.”

Asked by Mediaite alum J.D. Durkin to answer the charge of McFaul and many in the mainstream media who view RT as “a propaganda arm for Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin,” Schultz offered a fiery response.

“That’s garbage,” he said. “Everything that I have put on the air on my show at eight o’clock eastern time is journalistically based and vetted.”

Watch above, via Cheddar.

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