Eric Swalwell, Harris Faulkner Lock Horns in Heated Immigration Interview: ‘The President is the Problem Here’


Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had a chat with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on Wednesday that grew contentious at times over who’s responsible for the government’s current deadlock.

Swalwell started the interview by refuting several of President Donald Trump‘s immigration talking points, all while saying he’ll never get his border wall. This led to him and Faulkner touching gloves over the semantics of the wall, the bipartisan rhetoric of the border crisis, and the government shutdown’s impact on federal workers.

“Can you just make a deal?” Faulkner asked. “You know barriers are part of it.”

Swalwell argued that current problems stem from Trump, saying the president is generating “border theater” with his wall even after rejecting bipartisan congressional funding deals with provisions for security. As Faulkner and Swalwell discussed bipartisan possibilities for reopening the government, things got testy again when the congressman reiterated that Democrats believe in “smart border security” but not Trump’s wall.

From the interview:

Faulkner: It’s not a concrete wall. It’s a steel slat system.

Swalwell: He should stop using that phrase, then.

Faulkner: A reinforced situation like a fence line. A lot of that needs restoring along that 600 miles. What would you have going forward? Do you want tear all that down and start over again? You know the barriers work in some places.

Swalwell: The president is the problem, here. He is truly the problem prayed he cannot articulate for us where he wants a wall. He just blanketly says “We need a wall.” He has backed away from a deal that has already been struck.

Faulkner finished by bringing up previous support Democrats offered for tough border security, but Swalwell countered by saying she’s trying to draw an “equivalence” when Trump “is the one who is isolated.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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