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Erick Erickson on Leaving Fox News: ‘Was Increasingly More Uncomfortable to Be There’

Conservative writer and The Resurgent editor Erick Erickson appeared on CNN this morning with Brian Stelter and talked a bit about Fox News.

They first touched on the Laura Ingraham advertiser boycott––something Bill Maher recently defended her on––with Erickson saying he’s generally opposed to such boycotts.

He said people can just “change the channel” but with this kind of pressure “you’re forcing advertisers to take a side” not just on more extreme opinions but on differences of political opinion.

Stelter also brought up Erickson’s recent departure from Fox News. Back in December, Erickson said he was leaving the network because “I am neither needed nor useful to the network and they know it too. I neither fit solidly as a Republican Trump supporter nor as an anti-Trump Democrat.” More recently he claimed Roger Ailes had taken him off the air at one point because of pressure from Mitch McConnell‘s wife.

He told Stelter, “It was increasingly more uncomfortable to be there.”

Erickson made it clear he has respect for many people who work at Fox News, but said, “It just was very obvious that if you were not a Trump conservative, just a conservative, it was harder and harder to get air-time.”

“I definitely think they understand,” he continued, “the President has their eyes and ears and they’re using their influence on him.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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