Family Guy Assembles Weinstein, Cosby, Lauer, and Others in ‘Marvel’s The Offenders’


Family Guy took a moment in Sunday night’s episode to mock several of the high-profile figures who’ve been swept up by the #MeToo movement.

The scene is presented as a fictional show being watched by Family Guy protagonist Peter Griffin and the gang at their usual hangout The Drunken Clam.

The television announcer tells the viewers, “We now return to Marvel’s The Offenders.”

It then cuts to a board room meeting led by Bill Cosby, wearing the iconic Nick Fury eyepatch. Cosby then introduces everyone at the table: Kevin Spacey, Roman Polanski, Woody AllenSteven Segal, Matt Lauer, Brett Ratner, “lesser known offender” James Toback.

Then a monstrous Hulk-like voice is heard from behind.

“Don’t forget me!”

The voice belonged to Harvey Weinstein, who stomped in wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

“Harvey shower!” he grumbled.

Then Woody Allen raised his hand and asked, “Is Matt Damon coming?”

“No, but he knows about all of us,” Cosby responded. “He’s very aware of what’s going on here, you see.”

The long-running animated series has had a years-old history of mocking these accused celebrities including a 2005 episode that hinted at Spacey’s sexual misconduct as well “perverted Hollywood director” Bryan Singer long before they were taken down by the #MeToo movement.

Watch the clip above, via Fox.

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