Former Acting AG Matt Whitaker Argues Abuse of Power is Not a Crime: ‘I Know the Criminal Code’


Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that abuse of power is not a crime because “it is not found in the federal code.”

Whitaker was discussing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Your World with Neil Cavuto Thursday afternoon. Cavuto mentioned that Whitaker had previously taken the stance that an abuse of power wouldn’t be a crime if Trump had pressured Ukraine for his political benefit.

“In my experience, if you’re going to impeach the president, there should be some crime. I could get into a Founding Fathers debate with those on the left–” Whitaker began before Cavuto interrupted.

“Is abuse of power a crime?” Cavuto asked.

“It is not, meaning it is not found in the federal code. There’s no elements with which you can line up the facts. We have facts that are alleged. What is the crime? What are the elements that could be held out to those facts to see if the president actually did something wrong?” Whitaker said.

Whitaker then went on to argue he saw no “quid pro quo” because Ukraine didn’t launch an investigation into Trump’s political opponents like Joe Biden and the withheld aid was eventually given to Ukraine.

“You are saying since the aid ultimately was delivered and it turns out that the dirt or whatever you want to call it on the Bidens was not, then there is nothing there?” Cavuto asked to clarify.

“I know the criminal code, and I don’t see anything that would make this a high crime or misdemeanor consistent with the Constitution,” Whitaker said, going on to argue abuse of power was something that’s in “the eye of the beholder.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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