Former Bernie Surrogate Nina Turner Slams Dem Strategist on Rigged DNC: We Shouldn’t ‘Cover It Up’


On CNN, things got tense between former Sanders surrogate Nina Turner and Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen over the recent revelations that surfaced about the DNC.

Thursday morning, former DNC-chair Donna Brazile released an excerpt of her new book where she revealed that the DNC was in fact rigged against Bernie Sanders and that Hillary Clinton had complete financial and staff control over the organization.

Turner thought it was “stunning” but not “surprising.”

“The fact that you have someone like Donna Brazile who was the first African American woman to run a national campaign, a presidential campaign…ran Vice President Al Gore‘s campaign, 30-year relationship with the DNC and also the Clintons,” Turner elaborated, “and whether people agree with what she has done professionally in her life at certain points, the fact that she is pointing this out means that this is serious and that there is absolutely a crisis in the city.”

She said this wasn’t about the “Bernie side” or “Clinton side” but was about the people who were “let down.”

Rosen said Democrats “could not be stupider” re-litigating the 2016 primary and clarified that the voting results were not rigged and that Clinton’s money was simply “holding up the DNC.”

Turner wasn’t having it.

“This is really about a DNC that lacks accountability and transparency. Period,” Turner reacted. “And we can deal with more than one thing at the time… We have to restore the faith and credibility of the Democratic Party and statements like you’re making doesn’t help. People are hurt by this revelation. And this does not help. So to cover it up doesn’t help. So don’t go there with that. The fact of the matter remains the way the system was conducted, the DNC did not follow its own bylaws. And so if we’re going to have some truth talk here, let’s talk about reform and let’s talk about unity.”

Rosen pushed back by saying that the voters in primary still voted for Clinton and it had “nothing to do with any staff person at the DNC.”

“Let’s just move on and not keep relitigating this fight!” Rosen pleaded. “Let’s do what we need to do for Democrats together.”

Don Lemon mocked Rosen by saying that argument is what Republicans have been using regarding the alleged Russia collusion.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.


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