Former CIA Director: Attacking Canada Before NoKo Summit Makes Trump Look ‘Unstable, Erratic and Thin Skinned’

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden was dismayed by the Trump administration’s decision to trash Justin Trudeau and Canada on his way to the summit with North Korea, saying the move had the opposite effect of its intention to make the president look tough.

Trump upended the agreement reached by allies at the G-7 after leaving the conference, trashing Canada’s prime minister in scathing tweets. On the Sunday shows, his advisers followed suit with bizarrely acrimonious rhetoric: Larry Kudlow said Trudeau “stabbed us in the back” and Peter Navarro said there’s “a special place in hell” for the allied leader.

Hayden said he reacted to the attacks with “a mixture of sadness and, frankly, anger because no country deserves to be treated that way.”

“Certainly having officials in one government criticize the head of government in another country, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, and for god sake, doing it against Canada after the prime minister issued a fairly mild statement about the Canadians just standing their ground and then to have him attacked on the Sunday morning talk shows.”

Hayden added that the display reminded him of Sean Spicer lying about crowd sizes in a press briefing after Trump’s inauguration: “He did it for personal survival,” Hayden said. “I saw the same kind of atmosphere in yesterday’s commentary.”

CNN’s John Berman noted that president wanted to appear tough ahead of his summit with Kim Jong Un, and asked if the move had “any strategic value.”

“Oh my god no,” Hayden replied. “One of the arguments was that the president can’t show weakness, and that what Trudeau did required this robust response otherwise the president would appear to be weak as he flew to Singapore. Trudeau did not make President Trump look weak. President Trump made President Trump look unstable, erratic and thin skinned.

Hayden added that the U.S. should be “ashamed” of its treatment of Canada.

Watch above, via CNN.

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