Former DEA Official Speaks Out on Obama Admin Hezbollah Bombshell: ‘It Was Very Strange’


On Thursday night, Shannon Bream sat down with a former senior official from the Drug Enforcement Administration who was quoted in last month’s Politico bombshell report that suggests that the Obama administration interfered with a drug probe involving Hezbollah in hopes of reaching the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Derek Maltz said he “found it kind of odd” that used cars were being exported from the United States to West Africa and that upwards to $200 million in profit was going to Hezbollah per month while they trafficked drugs all over the world and that there was no “unity of effort” to shut the operation down.

“I found it odd that we didn’t have leadership in the administration that would enforce and hold people accountable to bring the agencies together to ensure that we can protect the American public. It was very strange,” Maltz told Bream.

He said that then-Attorney General Eric Holder at the time was “very supportive” of the Special Operations Division of the DEA that was heading this drug probe and while Holder was “alarmed” by Maltz’s findings during a meeting he had, there wasn’t any followup.

“It was very strange for me sitting there listening to the Attorney General of the United States directing his people to have a meeting to get more information from the DEA and our interagency partners about this global trade based money laundering scheme and they weren’t interested,” Maltz continued. “It didn’t happen. I can’t explain it.”

Maltz then reacted to former Obama State Department spokeswoman (and current Fox News contributor) Marie Harf, who dismissed the allegations from “low-level, ideological sources.”

“I was the head of the Special Operations Division for over ten years. 30 different agencies, three countries, the NYPD, to protect this country,” Maltz shot back. “That lady didn’t work on the operations. She worked as a bureaucrat in Washington talking about, you know, policy and stuff, but she wasn’t involved day to day in the operations… so I have a problem with her referring to the ‘low-level sources.’ The folks that spoke about the story actually were intricately involved in every aspect of the case.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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