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Fox & Friends: Did Obama’s Half-Brother Receive Preferential Treatment From The IRS?

The hosts of Fox & Friends dug into a story on Wednesday which alleges that President Barack Obama’s half-brother received preferential treatment from the Internal Revenue Service and was able to quickly secure retroactive tax-exempt status when he applied for it. This raises red flags, the hosts say, given the news that the IRS singled out conservative groups for added scrutiny when they applied for similar tax-exempt status.

On Wednesday morning, the hosts of Fox & Friends launched into an attack on White House Press Sec. Jay Carney and his attempts yesterday to explain the actions taken by some members of the IRS. They said, at one point, Carney reverted to political talking points from the campaign.

“It was a stump speech,” declared Gretchen Carlson.

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“Hey, why exactly did the president’s half-brother get a sweetheart deal?” Steve Doocy asked. The Fox News host said that Obama’s half-brother, Abon’go “Roy’ Malik Obama, received tax-exempt status for his charity in one month while some Tea Party groups have waited for up to three years.

“He had a 501(c)3 retroactive to 2010, even though he submitted the proposal in May of 2011,” marveled Brian Kilmeade. “That is some good action.”

“That’s right. He operated his charity illegally for years, and yet the IRS rubbers stamped him,” Doocy concluded.

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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