Fox News Anchor Says She’s Dressing Up as F*ck Joe Biden Character For Halloween


The new cultural mainstay phrase on the right is “Let’s Go Brandon,” a colorful euphemism for a fairly straightforward vulgarity directed at President Joe Biden. It’s shown up on social media, on signs, even on a covid mask in the House chamber. And today it made a double appearance on Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered.

The first instance was courtesy of Kennedy, who told a joke about Biden needing a wall around his beach house because of a noisy neighbor “named Brandon.”

Not bad. Jokes are okay.

The second was when anchor Harris Faulkner was discussing Halloween costumes with co-hosts Kayleigh McEnany and Emily Campagno.

After McEnany explained that the ADL won’t be too happy with her child’s choice of costume, Faulkner quipped, “by the way you know what I’m going as.”

“What are you going as?” her co-hosts prompted.

“Brandon,” answered Faulkner. “Let’s go Brandon!” McEnany exclaimed, as the show went to commercial — with a slight delay.

Watch the clips above, via Fox News.

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