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Fox News Dragged for Coronavirus Interview With Trump: ‘Complete Waste of Time’

Fox News was scorched Tuesday for the lengthy town hall the network conducted with President Donald Trump on the coronavirus.

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer conducted the interview alongside Harris Faulkner and several other Fox personalities, with the discussion focused on how the country moves forward — from a economic and public health perspective — despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the town hall — an impressive undertaking that was organized by Fox News within a day and featured various members of the coronavirus task force — Trump peddled misinformation about the crisis, misleadingly compared the coronavirus to the flu, claimed there would be thousands of suicides if there is a recession, cited a conspiracy blog to bash New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and said he wants social distancing polices to be discontinued around Easter. Trump also insisted he and Anthony Fauci “get along very well” despite reports of frustration and the doctor’s public disagreements with the president.

As the interview played out, Hemmer and Fox News more broadly was slammed for the spectacle. Many of the criticisms centered on how Hemmer declined to challenge Trump’s statements and offered minimal pushback. There was scattered praise online for some of the questioning — but broadly it was panned for failing to educate the public on the current pandemic.

“This is an example of the Fox News presidency at its very worst,” Brian Stelter said on CNN after the interview. “He can go on a channel that lets him say whatever he wants.”

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