Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Lashes Out at Juan Williams For Dismissing Rasmussen Polls: ‘That’s a Lie!’


In recent days, President Donald Trump has trumpeted recent polls published by conservative-leaning Rasmussen that showed the president breaking the 50 percent threshold. Besides hyping his improving numbers in that one poll — polling averages still show him mired in the low forties — the president has used Rasmussen’s findings to claim he is polling higher than Barack Obama was at the same time in his presidency.

During today’s broadcast of The Five, the Fox News panel got a bit heated when co-host Juan Williams brushed off Rasmussen as a legit pollster, leading to the rest of the table defending the polling agency while saying Williams was spreading lies.

After Williams stated that Trump going nuts about the “caravans of migrants” story in Mexico because it was all part of the president’s vilification of others, Kimberly Guilfoyle shot back that Williams was wrong and that Trump wasn’t “squirming” because his poll numbers were at “51 percent.”

Williams eventually said Rasmussen “wasn’t even a good poll” while pointing out the Real Clear Politics average of polls was much lower. That caused everyone else to go “Ohhhh!” in unison, with Greg Gutfeld stating that Rasmussen predicted the 2016 presidential election.

“They were off by one point in the election — don’t spread lies like that,” Gutfeld told Williams. “That’s a lie!”

Gutfeld and Guilfyole further claimed that the polling company was one of the top polls in calling the election in terms of accuracy. As Williams attempted to explain that Rasmussen doesn’t utilize some of the techniques that most respected pollster use, Gutfeld smirked that they “got the election right.”

Eventually, the Five folks were able to move on to another topic, only for the panel to blow up once again a couple minutes later.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen shows Trump dropping four points in its latest poll, placing the president back underwater at 47 percent.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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