Fox News’ Napolitano: What Trump Has Admitted to Is a Crime


Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano told Shepard Smith today that if President Donald Trump did what he’s said he did on the phone call with the president of Ukraine, that’s a crime.

“The president admits that on the phone call with the president of the Ukraine he requested that the president of the Ukraine investigate his 2020 political rival, Joe Biden,” Smith said. “Is that a crime?”

“It is a crime for the present to solicit aid for his campaign from a foreign government,” Napolitano responded.

“So that to which the president has admitted is in and of itself a crime,” Smith remarked.

“Yes,”, Napolitano said. “This is the same crime for which the Trump Organization was investigated by Bob Mueller, who decided not to seek an indictment because there wasn’t enough evidence.”

Smith brought up how Rudy Giuliani asked Ukrainian officials too and asked if that’s a crime.

“If that was done in order to enhance the president’s reelection campaign, yes, it’s the same crime that the president would’ve committed,” Napolitano said.

He also said that Trump administration “is on very thin ice” regarding the blocking of the whistleblower complaint.

Smith again reviewed the things that Trump has admitted to — “that he made a phone call to the new president of Ukraine… that he had discussions about investigating his upcoming 2020 presidential rival”- and asked, “Based on that in and of itself, how serious is this matter?”

Napolitano said that “bribery is absolutely an impeachable offense” if that is what Trump engaged in.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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