Fox News Reporter Refutes Jim Jordan: There Seems To Be Many Credible People Who Aren’t Mike Disabato


On Friday Night, Fox News’ Ed Henry and Senior Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram analyzed Rep. Jim Jordan‘s interview earlier on Special Report.

The prominent congressional Republican from Ohio sat down with Bret Baier and vehemently denied the allegations made by several former college wrestlers that he turned a blind eye to sexual abuse when he worked as their assistant coach at Ohio State University.

Pergram pointed out that of all the accusers, Jordan repeatedly took aim at Michael Disabato, who he claimed during the interview has a “vendetta” against Ohio State because he “lost a licensing agreement” with the university and attempted to discredit him by invoking his arrest earlier this year.

“But here’s the problem: there are so many people involved in this who seem to be credible who’ve come forth who aren’t named Mike Disabato,” Pergram reacted. “And that’s the problem for Jim Jordan, that there’s about five to six people who say, ‘Wait a minute, Jim Jordan did know about this.’ There are people who know Jim Jordan, who like him, who say ‘Wait a minute. He needs to speak up.'”

Pergram seemed to side with Jordan regarding the argument that the law firm behind the investigation didn’t exactly go above and beyond in reaching out to the congressman’s office.

“If there’s people who they really, absolutely, unequivocally wanted to talk to, they could have found Jim Jordan,” Pergram told Ed Henry. “He’s not very hard to find.”

He also mentioned that from the few lawmakers he heard from on Capitol Hill, it appears some are “circling the wagons” and “don’t want to be associated with someone who might have an ethics problem like this one.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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