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Fox’s Goldberg: Networks Shouldn’t Let Candidates Do Softball Interviews with Supporters

goldbergDuring a segment on media bias towards certain candidates, Fox’s Bernie Goldberg tonight criticized commentators who are way “too soft on people running for president.” He told Bill O’Reilly that if networks are to crack down on people too harsh on certain candidates, they should also address certain commentators who are “needlessly too kind” to the candidates.

O’Reilly said that whenever people favorable to certain candidates get to interview those candidates, it’s “almost possible” to get them to ask about certain less-than-favorable topics.

Goldberg said it’s a problem when these people are “pals” with certain candidates and they still interview them, and so he thinks if such interviews are set up, management can step in and say they’re too close to conduct an interview.

Now, the obvious elephant in the room here is how much Goldberg’s descriptions of a too-close pundit sounds like Fox’s own Sean Hannity. Hannity’s Trump interviews have developed a reputation for being too sycophantic (to the point where one of his own Fox colleagues has openly razzed him about it). He’s brought on Trump to help defend him amid controversy, and he’s allowed Trump to repeat conspiracy theories without challenging him.

Hannity has spent many a segment on his show going to bat for Trump’s conservative credentials and has expressed frustrations with Republicans who aren’t getting in line.

And he’s also dismissed the idea that he’s been promoting Trump all along, even going back to primary season. Team Cruz and Team Rubio would beg to differ.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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