Carl Bernstein Blasts ‘Incredible Lapse in Judgment’ by Bill Clinton and AG Lynch

BernsteinSpeaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper Thursday evening, Carl Bernstein expressed his exasperation that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton chatted for 30 minutes with apparent disregard for the horrible optics and appearance of impropriety of the encounter.

The two met, supposedly by chance, at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport Tuesday and conversed in private aboard an airplane parked on the tarmac. Lynch has claimed that the conversation pertained to strictly personal matters.

In her capacity as the nation’s highest ranking law enforcement officer, Lynch is currently presiding over an FBI investigation into use of a private email server by presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. And the encounter delivered ready-made ammunition to Donald Trump, who called it a flagrant example of a “rigged system.”

Bernstein, the author most recently of the Clinton biography A Woman in Charge, said it was an “incredible lapse in judgment” on the part of both Clinton and Lynch. “It’s inexplicable, it’s wrong, it’s improper. And she needs the Attorney General to now recuse herself from overseeing this investigation and turn it over to the Deputy Attorney General in charge of the criminal division,” he said.

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