Frank Luntz Predicts That Trump Refusing Future Debates Changes Will Seal Biden’s Fate as Future President


Noted pollster Frank Luntz revealed on Morning Joe that, in his esteem, President Donald Trump’s refusal to participate in future debates over moderation changes would seal Joe Biden’s fate as the next President.

In the minutes that immediately followed what has been called a “trainwreck” of the first presidential debate, the well-known focus group leader (and long time conservative wordsmith) hosted a Zoom-based focus group for the Los Angeles Times. The panel of undecided voters shared harsh words to describe Trump’s behavior, which included “bully,” “un-American,” “horrid,” and even “crackhead.”

Luntz shared that he felt “real sadness” with how the debate unfolded. “Those undecided voters were crushed. They were depressed,” he continued. “They felt that the debates did not give them what they were looking for, and worse yet, they thought this was an embarrassment.” He added that the language used by undecided voters in his panel to describe both candidates was “really harsh,” but particularly words used for Donald Trump.

Based on his panel of undecided voters,  Luntz believes “Joe Biden won that debate,” before hedging that a Biden win “does not preclude Trump from coming back unless Trump decides that he’s not going to debate at all.”

Following the disorganized conflict of cacophony that went down Tuesday night, the Debate Commission has announced measures to keep candidates in check in future debates. Luntz raised the question if Trump would refuse to participate in future debates if moderators could cut his microphone.

“If Donald Trump actually made the decision to not participate,” because of changes to the commission debates in the future, “that would seal Joe Biden’s victory in this presidential race,” Luntz predicted.

Luntz later revealed for the first time on television that he suffered a stroke in January of this year, then shared a heartwarming story of support he felt from Joe Biden, which you can see here.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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