General Defends San Juan Mayor: She’s ‘Living on a Cot…Hope the President Has a Good Day at Golf’

President Donald Trump once again used his Twitter account to set off widespread outrage when he personally attacked San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz after she criticized the federal response to Hurricane Maria. He also insinuated that the victims in Puerto Rico were too lazy to help themselves and wanted everyone to do it for them.

During an appearance on CNN this morning, the general who was put in charge of the Hurricane Katrina response was asked to give his reaction to Trump’s tweets. And the general wasn’t all that subtle with his distaste for the attacks.

After noting that the citizens of Puerto Rico were indeed doing everything they could to help themselves, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore (Ret.) was then pressed by host Christi Paul to respond to Trump taking aim at the mayor.

“I have no reaction,” Honore said from the streets of San Juan. “The mayor is living on a cot. I hope the president has a good day at golf.”

He went on to add that he hopes when Trump comes to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday, he’ll listen to the commander on the ground and provide the military with everything they need.

Honore has been highly critical of the federal response to the recent hurricanes that have battered the United States, stating the administration doesn’t seem to realize how vast the recovery efforts really are.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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