Geraldo Rivera Erupts in Vaccine Clash on The Five: You Come to My Grandkids’ House Unvaccinated and I’ll ‘Kick You in the Ass!’


Things took quite a turn on The Five on Wednesday after Geraldo Rivera declared, “I think less of people of who are not vaccinated. I think that it is an arrogant, selfish, reckless act.”

He said not getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is “appalling” and called it “caveman stuff.”

“Oh, caveman stuff?” replied Jesse Watters. “I think 30% of the U.S. military – maybe even more – hasn’t been vaccinated. Do you think they’re cavemen?”

Rivera dodged the question and said the vaccine has been “politicized.”

Greg Gutfeld alleged Rivera wasn’t actually trying to persuade people to get vaccinated.

“I don’t believe that your intent, Geraldo – and I’m sorry to say this – is to persuade anybody, because nothing you said is persuasive. When you call people names – and I know this from my own history – doesn’t persuade anybody.”

“You know, too bad,” said Rivera.

“See, that’s my point!” exclaimed Gutfeld.

“You come into my grandchildren’s house and you’re not vaccinated,” replied Rivera, “I’m gonna kick you in the ass.”

“It’s your house,” said Gutfeld. “Don’t let ’em in.” He then told Rivera he’s “smearing” half the country. Rivera tried to protest that he wasn’t.

“You just said you think less of them!” said Gutfeld, who then noted that about half of New York public safety workers are unvaccinated.

“I guess that you think you’re better than they are.”

“It’s not a question of better.”

“You just said–I was just repeating your words!”

Gutfeld also pointed out that many undocumented migrants in the United States are unvaccinated.

“You think you’re better than they are because they aren’t vaccinated,” he said.

He later concluded, “When you’re trying to sit here and try to crap on Americans because it makes you feel good – ‘You’re not going to come into my house!’ – We don’t want to go to your house. Ok? We just want to live our lives.”

“I’m not going to invite you,” said Rivera.

Watch above via Fox News.

UPDATE, 7/29/21, 6:30PM ET: Rivera apologized to Gutfeld on Thursday’s edition of The Five. “I have to apologize to Greg Gutfeld,” he said. “Because various left-wing media is saying that I threatened to kick him in the ass. I did not. I said I would kick someone in the ass who was unvaccinated near my grandchildren. It had nothing to do with Greg Gutfeld, who I find adorable and charming.”

Gutfeld responded, “It’s amazing that they ran with that knowing it could be so easily fact checked. They’re such tools.”

“I’m not sure they care.” 

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