Gabby Giffords’ Husband Mark on Guns: People Think ‘They’re Clint Eastwood’


Mark Kelly, the husband of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, appeared on MSNBC’s MTP Daily Friday to discuss the ongoing debate surrounding the rights of the 2nd Amendment and the state of gun violence in our country.

Kelly, who reminded host Chuck Todd multiple times that he is a gun owner and proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment, believes that more must be done in this crucial dialogue. Kelly said, “Imagine if we lived in a society where everybody was carrying a gun all the time; that’s not a good formula for us being safe”.

Responding to the popular talking point that more Americans should be armed with guns in order to provide immediate protection when faced with a gunman, Kelly doubled down. He todd Todd, “I think often there’s a segment of our society that thinks they’re Clint Eastwood, and often when the bullets start flying, that’s not necessarily the case”.

Chuck Todd asked Kelly about his movement on the issue of gun violence, and he responded, “We’re involved in the politics, the pits, the grassroots. We have a million supporters trying to get to five million. The gun lobby is obviously very strong”.

Kelly’s wife was the target of an assassination attempt in her home state in January 2012. The tragedy killed six people, and Congresswoman Giffords was forced into life-saving emergency surgery just three weeks after the start of her Congressional term.

Watch the video above from MSNBC.

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