GOP Rep. Mark Sanford Scoffs at Idea of Ivanka as UN Ambassador: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’


Congressman Mark Sanford (R- SC) today reacted with bewilderment to the very idea of Ivanka Trump as UN ambassador.

Earlier today Sanford––a Trump-critical Republican infamous for “hiking the Appalachian trail” who lost his primary this year after being mocked by Trump for it––reacted on MSNBC to the big news of Nikki Haley leaving by saying something doesn’t “smell right” here. And as Axios’ Jonathan Swan put it:

Sanford elaborated to Jake Tapper this afternoon by saying it’s strange that Haley would be leaving weeks before the midterm elections instead of waiting until afterwards. He even wondered if a shoe was about to drop on something she wanted to get out ahead of.

But then, of course, there’s the question of who would replace Haley, and Trump just this afternoon said his own daughter would be a great pick, though he’d be accused of nepotism if he did.

Tapper asked Sanford for his reaction to the idea of Trump saying no one would be better for the job than his daughter.

“Are you kissing me?” Sanford responded. “I mean, the nature of the American political system is that we’ve got roughly a pool of 300 million people to pull from, and we ought to. And there are a whole host of talented people, some with very considerable foreign policy experiences that could be pulled from with a post like this.”

He hesitated to use a “crime organization” analogy and instead said it’s “crazy” to “pick from family.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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