GOP Sen. John Kennedy Says House Dems are Telling Americans ‘You’re Stupid and We’re Smart’


Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) told Fox News that House Democratic leadership is telling the American people “you’re stupid and we’re smart” on the subject of impeachment.

Kennedy spoke with Neil Cavuto on Cavuto Live Saturday about the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, opening with vitriol for Rep. Adam Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“When I watch the House impeachment proceedings I’m perplexed and appalled. Here is what I hear Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Schiff saying to the American people. You are stupid and we are smart. I hear them saying to the American people you are so stupid you can’t govern yourselves. I hear them saying you are so stupid that you chose Donald Trump over Secretary Clinton and we’ve got to fix it for you,” Kennedy said.

“Well, they could turn it around on you Senator and say ‘are Republicans stupid enough to keep carrying the president’s water?’ … that he does the kind of things that put guys like you on the spot,” Cavuto asked.

“I don’t mind being on the spot … but I have always believed and continue to believe, shoot me when I stop believing that the ultimate arbiter is the American people,” Kennedy responded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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