Greg Gutfeld Erupts on Juan Williams for Saying He’s ‘In the Bunker’ for Trump: ‘I’m Gonna Throw You Off the Set’


Things got heated between Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams on The Five today following Michael Cohen‘s hearing.

As the hosts were clashing over Cohen’s testimony and Williams went on a tear over Trump, Gutfeld jumped in to say, “What about Morgan [Ortagus]? Morgan has not spoken.”

Williams said, “Gosh, are you guys ever going to let me finish?!”

“No, because you’re always finishing!” Gutfeld exclaimed. “There’s somebody sitting there who hasn’t said a damn word!”

Williams told Gutfeld he’s “so deep in the bunker” and Gutfeld fired back, “Oh, shut up, Juan! I’m in nobody’s bunker. Enough with your bunker. I’m trying to be polite to somebody on the panel, Juan, which you won’t do!”

Minutes later, Jesse Watters panned the hearing and said Cohen has “no documentation, no corroboration, no witnesses of any Russian collusion, any Trump Tower advanced knowledge.”

Williams shot back by pointing to details about Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. that came up during the hearing before saying, “You are so blind because you, like Greg, are deep in the bunker.”

And Gutfeld went off, telling Williams, “If you say that again, I’m going to throw you off the set. You know what the bunker means? What you’re intimating is that––who’s in the bunker, Adolf Hitler, correct?”

“No, I was not!” Williams said.

“That’s what you’re saying. No, when you are saying somebody is in the bunker… Juan, Juan, Juan, what you’re saying is you choose the worst intent of people’s words. Like when I say that I believe something, I’m in the bunker. What if I said that about you? I never say that about you!” Gutfeld shot back.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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