Greg Gutfeld: ‘Michael Moore Increases the Likelihood of Violence’


Greg Gutfeld took on Michael Moore for labeling all Trump voters as “racists.”

Last night, the outspoken documentary filmmaker sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon and began shaming those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

“If you vote for a racist, what are you then? Because it sure sounds like racism to me,” Moore told Lemon. “If you still support the racist, you are the racist.”

Gutfeld interpreted Moore’s message as a “threat.”

“What he’s basically saying is ‘If you don’t agree with me on this particular issue, we will ruin you.'” Gutfeld elaborated. “Because there’s no faster way to ruining somebody than calling them a ‘racist.'”

The Five co-host accused Moore of “smearing” the nearly 60 million people who voted for Trump and a lot of them “are like him.”

“I think he was one of the people that predicted Donald Trump would win and he was sympathetic to those people,” he elaborated. “I think he’s finding a lot of energy and mileage out of this, but you aren’t going to win any hearts and minds by calling people ‘racists.'”

Gutfeld encouraged having more dialogue about race instead of calling people racists, and then accused the progressive filmmaker of inciting violence.

“When you start from this point of smearing people, you are eliminating debate and you are increasing the likelihood of violence,” Gutfeld stated. “Michael Moore increases the likelihood of violence by smearing people because he’s saying ‘I can’t have a conversation.'”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News


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