Greg Gutfeld Rips CNN’s ‘Hairless Hall Monitor’ Brian Stelter: ‘Lighten Up, Francis’


On Monday night, Greg Gutfeld held nothing back with his reaction to the overreaction on CNN over President Trump‘s big new anti-CNN tweet.

“It was silly, harmless nonsense, yet people lost their minds.” he began. “Sorry, did I say ‘people?’ I meant ‘humorless libs who ignore real incitement but take issue with this.'”

The Fox News host mocked CNN for issuing a statement saying that it “incites violence,” as if it were a “Shakespearean adaptation where the president is being murdered” (which he noted that CNN’s Fareed Zakaria called a “masterpiece”).

He then ripped CNN’s “hairless hall monitor” Brian Stelter for asking if Trump violated Twitter’s terms of service.

“He’s like the student who reminds the teacher that she forgot to assign homework,” he said. “Or the dorm RA who calls security because you’re having too much fun and he wasn’t invited. Lighten up, Francis.”

Gutfeld added that the “worst part” was how CNN “got taken in again.”

“Don’t they know that pro-wrestling is fake?” he asked. “It’s not a real fight! Trump and Vince [McMahon] were play-fighting!… The fight was as phony as the Russia collusion story.”

Before wrapping up his monologue, he concluded that “While the media pretends like it’s the end of the world, the world knows better.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle mocked “FNN” for sounding the alarms over the tweet and that the network was in a “downward spiral.”

Jesse Watters chimed in and said that the left “can’t take a joke” because they’re “the butt of the jokes.” He added that “Trump has made CNN look faker than professional wrestling.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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