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Greg Gutfeld Rips College Kids Still Flocking to Beaches Despite Coronavirus: Tell Them It’s ‘Worse Then Herpes, Then They Might Go Home’

Fox News’ The Five co-host Greg Gutfield riffed Tuesday that parents of college-aged students should lie to their kids about the coronavirus and state it’s like a sexually transmitted disease, giving the example of herpes, in a segment regarding 20-year-olds taking to the beaches amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

Co-hosts Dana Perino and Juan Williams also joined in on the lighthearted moment – poking fun at Gutfield over his “party of one” and drinking at his residents under a “sun-lamp.”

Williams began, “Hey, Greg, I am thinking to myself, you know, you’re a young fellow, you know how to party… What would you say to these party animals?”

Gutfield responded, “I don’t think we should be surprised that young people engage in high-risk activity. At that age, young people already don’t understand the effects of dumb behavior on their mortality, they have the highest death rates in car accidents and they do really stupid things.”

“Now you want them to be how their behavior affects others…and if they can’t understand that then they’re not worth talking to, but that’s the problem because now it’s no longer about them.”

“We almost need to lie to them, you have to tell them that it is a sexually transmitted disease because then they won’t go to spring break — if you said this is worse then herpes, then they might go home,” the co-host continued.

Gutfield concluded, “But I think there need to be consequences in order for them to understand the importance of this. Because obviously, to the doctor’s point, congregating, asymptomatic spread…it ain’t going to stop spreading, these kids should stay home, and drink at home like I do, the responsible way, under a sun-lamp.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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