Greg Gutfeld Suggests Democrats Are to Blame For Trump’s Baseless Allegations of Election Fraud


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld deployed somewhat tortured logic on The Five Thursday in order to argue that Democrats are to blame for President Donald Trump’s baseless allegations that the election is being stolen through fraud.

“I’m not sure if this is a first world or third world country anymore if we can’t handle this,” Gutfeld said of the delayed final count of the 2020 presidential race, which has been attacked by the Trump campaign as fraudulent as Joe Biden edges close to victory.

“I keep thinking, alright, who made this bed?” the Fox News host asked. “Let’s say there is nothing illegal going on, it’s just mere incompetence. But the Democrats for four years have said that Trump is an apocalyptic threat, to our nation, to our species. He has to go.”

“So that’s going to elevate suspicious among everybody else that likes Trump, that there will be fraud.”

Gutfeld further blamed Democrats, while arguing that the “hard left” is “emotionally invested” in politics, leading many to think they are capable of cheating in an election.

“If you’re that emotionally invested in getting rid of somebody, and especially the hard left that are emotionally invested in politics, they’re going to do anything that they can. They will cheat. And your suspicions are valid because if they think he’s Hitler, cheating is completely justified.”

The Fox host proposed a football analogy to drive home his point that the baseless allegations of voter fraud being made by the Trump campaign are the fault of his opponents.

“So then you hear about the ballot dumps going on, emphasis on dump, and you think, imagine watching the Super Bowl and suddenly, you know, the Cowboys or the Patriots find extra points in the locker room. They disappear on the scoreboard,” he stated. “You kinda are like a little suspicious even if — even if the fraud is inconsequential, or it is incompetent, you understand why people are suspicious.”

“I would say the media or the Democrats, you cannot, you cannot criticize voters for feeling this way. You can’t mock them, you can’t laugh at them,” Gutfeld added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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