Greg Gutfeld Tears Into Jeff Flake for Anti-Trump Speech: ‘Screw You!’


After Senator Jeff Flake announced his plans to not seek reelection and delivered an anti-Trump speech today, a couple members of Fox News’ The Five went off on the Arizona lawmaker with shouts of “screw you!” and “good riddance.”

Greg Gutfeld responded to Flake’s speech on “principles” by suggesting the senator was overly self-righteous and merely trying to take the high ground on his way out the door. He seemed particularly bothered with Flake’s “I have children and grandchildren to answer to” line, as it triggered Gutfeld to direct a “screw you!” at the senator.

He also suggested that Flake is a hypocrite by implying the senator isn’t as motivated by conviction as he claims, considering his newly-announced plans to retire. Gutfeld’s full anti-Flake comments — a Senator he claims to like — went as follows:

“Basically, what he’s saying is that if you don’t do what he’s doing, you’re complicit. You are guilty, you are guilty if you support Trump, unlike him… If his principles are strong, and they’re very strong, according to him, you should run unless you feel that you are out of step with the electorate. I think he feels that he is out of step with the electorate… I hate the one about the children thing because basically he’s saying, we are bad people because we are not agreeing with him. Screw you! Sorry. And I like him. Imagine if I didn’t.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle responded to Gutfeld’s tirade by calling it “a little weird.” But for Watters, Gutfeld’s all-out attack on Flake wasn’t enough, as he went on to bid the senator “good riddance.”

“He has announced that he is part of The Resistance,” said Watters — a reference to a liberal movement made up of primarily Hillary Clinton supporters who are now “resisting Trump.”

“And good riddance. we don’t need him, it’s fine,” continued the Watters World host, who went on to attack the other GOP Trump critic Bob Corker over his “soft hands and cuff-links.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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