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Hayes: GOP Going After Gruber Because They Can’t Attack Obamacare Anymore

MSNBC has not been covering Jonathan Gruber‘s comments about getting Obamacare passed nearly as much as Fox News has, but last night Chris Hayes tackled the controversy head-on. And what he concluded is that conservatives and Republicans are trying to make the Obamacare fight all about the process and Gruber’s role in it because they can no longer attack Obamacare on the merits.

Conservative news outlets jumped on Gruber’s remarks to tout how Obamacare was passed in a secretive and deceptive way Hayes acknowledged that Gruber said some “stupid things,” but on the whole, found the Gruber fixation a bit peculiar. “It is no accident,” he said, “that right now, in 2014, conservatives are gleefully debating a legislative process that took place almost five years ago in broad daylight. Because what is their alternative?”

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As Hayes argued, conservatives can’t attack the substance of the law––the website, the cost, the satisfaction of people who have bought insurance through exchanges, etc.––because all those things are working. And while he had some initial worries about how the law would turn out, Hayes said the fact Obamacare was able to accomplish this much is a “legislative success story.”

And the Republicans, he concluded, are trying to hype up Gruber’s remarks “based on no principle other than their implacable ideological opposition to the project of providing health insurance, partially, through the government.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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