Hugh Hewitt: Adam Schiff Has ‘Destroyed His Credibility’ in Impeachment Inquiry


Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt had some intriguing comments on Sunday during a Meet the Press discussion about the renewed efforts by House Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump.

As the panel discussed the public support for an inquiry of Trump in light of the Ukraine scandal, Hewitt went after House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, who spoke to Chuck Todd earlier in the show about whether Rudy Giuliani will be asked to testify before Congress. Hewitt took a negative view on how that discussion went, saying Schiff “went full Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts: Verdict first, trial later.”

“I believe he destroyed his credibility this morning, on this show, as a fair arbiter of this process,” Hewitt said. “The most interesting part of the Nancy Pelosi decision to go for a fast impeachment is the implicit but very real concession that the Mueller report had no impeachable offense…So Adam Schiff is biased and Nancy Pelosi has admitted that Mueller exonerated Trump.”

The conversation eventually continued with Todd remarking that Giuliani would be “the easiest scapegoat” if Trump feels endangered by the Ukraine scandal. Todd asked Hewitt if he shared this view, noting how multiple Republicans are dismayed by Giuliani’s ongoing involvement with Trump and Ukraine.

“He’s not John Dean,” Hewitt said, “and the one thing we have to be careful of is while he indeed is an object of scorn often inside the beltway, he cuts through everything outside the beltway. When you go to Warren, Ohio, people hear him, and they respect him and they listen to him.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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