‘I Don’t Need Any Lectures from You!’ Hannity Explodes in Fiery Clash with Jorge Ramos

‘I Don’t Need Any Lectures from You!’ Hannity Explodes with Jorge Ramos 

Sean Hannity lost his cool a bunch of times with Jorge Ramos tonight as he basically accused the Univision anchor of deliberately taking Donald Trump out of context and smearing him as a racist.

Ramos insisted that Trump claimed that the majority of illegal immigrants are criminals and rapists, which he said is absolutely false. Hannity said that he’s been to the border and has witnessed criminals being arrested there firsthand.

He repeatedly accused Ramos of having a clear bias, shouting, “You’ve got an agenda! You support open borders! You support illegal immigration!”

Ramos insisted to Hannity he’s plenty tough on Democrats too. Hannity flippantly said, “Big deal.”

In part two, Ramos called out Hannity for not being tough enough on Trump, even bringing up the fact that days after Trump’s newfound attacks on his colleague Megyn Kelly, Hannity didn’t ask him one question about that.

Hannity insisted he’s confronted Trump on his past remarks and shouted, “I don’t need any lectures from you, Jorge Ramos!”

He continued to defend Trump on pretty much everything, and when Ramos insisted that it’s important to be tough on people in power, even Trump, Hannity repeatedly pressed him to admit that there are illegal immigrants in the U.S. committing crimes.

He also accused Ramos of, by attacking Trump on his proposed Muslim ban, wanting to gamble with American’s lives. Hannity cited military leaders to back up Trump on this, despite the fact that the people he cited did not say anything supportive about Trump’s Muslim ban.

You can watch both parts of the interview above, via Fox News.

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