‘It’s Pretty Pathetic’: Laura Ingraham Has Harsh Words For The GOP Regarding Obamacare Repeal

Laura Ingraham expressed some frustration with the Republican Party during a panel discussion on Fox’s Special Report about President Trump executing his agenda.

She echoed the sentiment of her radio listeners that their top issue, besides “the wall”, is the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

And she held nothing back.

“I think it’s pretty pathetic,” she exclaimed. “I mean you have control of all of government, you’ve asked for this control, you went to the people in good faith, we thought, and said this is what our plan is gonna be, we’re gonna do this, they’ve voted on it many times when the votes didn’t count. Now everyone’s running scared. There’s no political courage.”

Ingraham criticized the bill that was passed in The House, saying it has “a lot of problems.”

She concluded, “They must do what they campaigned on or I really believe this is gonna hurt them much more than sitting on the sidelines and blaming Chuck Schumer… Chuck Schumer is not in charge.”

Watch the clip, courtesy of Fox News.


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