Jake Tapper Dismisses Some GOP Mueller Questions: May Get ‘Back Slaps in the Fox Green Room’


During the first break in the Mueller hearings Wednesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper noted some of the GOP questioning and how they may “get some back slaps in the Fox green room.”

Jeffrey Toobin said after watching the first leg of the first hearing, there’s a question of whether Mueller’s “extremely limiting answering a strategy or is it some inability he has to engage with the questioners.”

Preet Bharara had more praise for Mueller and said, “When he gets good, sharp questions, that are clear, he answers in a good, sharp and clear way.”

The CNN panel noted the effectiveness of Chairman Jerrold Nadler‘s line of questioning, in which Mueller affirmed that the report did not exonerate the president.

As of that point in the hearing, Tapper said that is the big headline. He also brought up how Republicans have been “trying to score some points”:

“Congressman Ratcliffe making the point that it’s not standard procedure for a prosecutor to say I’m not exonerating this person even though I’m not charging them. Congressman Louie Gohmert accusing Mueller of perpetuating injustice. Congressman Jim Jordan asking a lot of questions about the mysterious Joseph Mifsud, who we have never really figured out what exactly his role in all of this is. But I don’t know that those are going to be headlines out of this report. I’m sure that they will — you know, merit some back slaps in the Fox green room, but I don’t know that that’s making any sort of larger point here.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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