Jake Tapper Grills Carter Page on FISA Application: ‘You Did Advise the Kremlin’


Carter Page appeared on CNN for an interview with Jake Tapper Sunday morning after the Justice Department released its FISA warrant application to surveil the former Trump campaign adviser.

Tapper kicked off the interview by asking Page about one of the more explosive sections of the application, which said the FBI believed Page had been “collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government,” and referred to him as “an agent of a foreign power.”

“Jake, this is so ridiculous, it’s just beyond words,” Page replied, saying the application was “misleading the courts.”

“It’s literally a complete joke,” he added.

“Were you ever an agent of a foreign power? Did you ever advise the Kremlin, or work with the Kremlin on anything?” Tapper asked.

After some waffling, Page replied, “No, I’ve never been an agent of a foreign power by any stretch of the imagination.” The former Trump adviser did note that he had “participated in meetings.”

“So you have advised the Kremlin in the past?” Tapper pressed.

Page gave an oblique answer, calling his work “nothing.”

“But you did advise the Kremlin,” Tapper continued.

“Jake, it’s really spin. I sat in on some meetings but to call me an adviser I think is way over the top,” Page said.

Tapper read to Page a letter in which he declared himself an informal adviser to the Kremlin. “That’s yourself, calling yourself an informal adviser to the Kremlin.”

“This is really nothing, and an attempt to distract from the real crimes shown in this document,” Page replied.

Tapper went on to ask Page about the FISA application claim that Page was the “subject of targeted recruitment” by Russians.

“Is it not a possibility that Russians were trying to recruit you?” Tapper asked. It seems like, you were working for Trump, you worked for the Kremlin in the past, that would be a reasonable thing for them to try to do?”

“It’s totally unreasonable, Jake,” Page replied. “A lot of that is incorrect spin… It’s just so preposterous.”

“You keep saying this is spin, if you could just answer the questions that would be great,” Tapper said.

Watch the second half of the interview here:

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