Jake Tapper: ‘I Just Would Like The Truth and Facts To Be Respected Again In This Country’


CNN anchor Jake Tapper appeared on The Late Show and spoke about covering the Trump presidency.

While discussing the one year anniversary of the Mueller probe, Stephen Colbert expressed to Tapper that all he wants is “the truth.”

“I want somebody to say what actually happened,” Colbert elaborated. “Because I think the greatest damage- Donald Trump will come and Donald Trump will go… I worry that we will no longer value knowing what the truth is anymore. I think that’s the value of the Mueller investigation… It’s knowing what the truth was so we can have some sort of an ethical or moral spine to this moment.”

“Yeah, and you know what? I’ll do you one better,” Tapper replied. “You want the truth about Russia and possible collusion, I just would like the truth and facts to be respected again in this country.”

While giving credit to Trump for getting the three American hostages home from North Korea, he knocked the president for suggesting that President Obama failed to get them home despite the fact that two of the three hostages were captured during the current presidency.

Colbert then pressed Tapper as to why he continues to invite Kellyanne Conway, who he called a “collection of deceptions with a blonde wig stapled on top” onto his show. Tapper responded by saying they “always debate” on having “any guest” for the benefit of his viewers. But when asked who he thought was “telling the truth” at the Trump White House, Tapper cited National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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