Jake Tapper Repeatedly Nails Kellyanne Conway for Claiming Mueller Found No Obstruction


CNN anchor Jake Tapper repeatedly called out White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for falsely claiming that Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s report found that Donald Trump did not obstruct justice, telling her “That’s not at all what it says.”

On Sunday morning’s edition of State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Conway tried to downplay the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russians, telling Tapper”I would never talk to a Russian knowingly, And I was talking to people in…”

“Yeah but people that were in the campaign talked to Russians knowingly,” Tapper interrupted. “Not you, but people in the campaign.”

“Well I think that’s important, and not Donald Trump, and not a lot of folks who are so close to him,” Conway said.

“No but, Jared kushner and Donald Trump Jr and Paul Manafort….” Tapper listed.

“But again, that’s all in the Mueller report, and what is the result of that?” Conway asked. “No crime, no criminal conspiracy, no collusion, no help from the Russians that amounted to anything,” then claimed that the report “makes clear” that “this president and his administration never obstructed, impeded, or interfered with the Mueller investigation whatsoever.”

“That’s not at all what it says,” Tapper said, as Conway plowed on.

“All he said that they were able to do, the Department of Justice were able to do…” Conway continued.

“That’s not true about obstruction, and you know it,” Tapper interrupted again.

“That is what the Barr memo says, that they were able to do their investigation…” Conway said.

“That they wouldn’t charge a sitting president because they are going by the OLC memo,” Tapper said.

As Conway tried to change the subject, Tapper said “Muller very clearly, even according to Republican lawyers, conservative Republican lawyers, kicked this to Congress to discuss whether or not there was obstruction.”

“You’re right, there was no criminal conspiracy proven, absolutely, 100%, and I’ll say it a million times,” Tapper said. “But what you just said about obstruction is not accurate.”

“He didn’t kick it to Congress,” Conway claimed. “It commented about separation of powers, Congress doesn’t have to take this up, they want to take it up because they want to do impeachment not infrastructure, they want to do drag the presidency down, not drug pricing…”

“Why do you think he commented? Why do you think he brought up the separation of powers?” Tapper asked.

“He brought up Congress to, because he knows that this Congress would be hungry anyway to try and re-litigate and re-investigate,” Conway replied.

The Mueller report identified 10 episodes of potential obstruction, and contained multiple references to Congress’ ability to deal with them.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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