Jake Tapper Seethes Over Trump’s Misleading ‘Policy Announcement’: He Just Regurgitated His Campaign Speech


CNN’s Jake Tapper bashed the White House Thursday for misleading the press on a supposedly important announcement from President Donald Trump, frustrated upon learning it was merely a campaign-style speech on the migrant caravan.

That afternoon, Tapper noted his network had chosen to broadcast Trump’s remarks live since “we were told by the White House that President Trump would be introducing a new proposal, a new policy when it came to asylum.”

“That’s not actually what happened,” Tapper said. “It’s not the first time this White House has not been honest but it’s obviously very disappointing when we bring you that news because we were told the president was going to be presenting the policy and he just regurgitates the same speech he gives every night on the campaign trail.”

The commander in chief spent the bulk of his speaking time wheeling out old talking points stoking fears about the group of U.S. bound immigrants who began their journey last month, having started in Central America.

While Trump decried the caravan as a “crisis,” Tapper pushed back on that argument, questioning whether it would fly with national security experts.

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