Jerry Nadler, Jim Jordan Battle Over Showing Video at Garland Hearing: ‘Obviously You’re Going to Censor Us’


Attorney General Merrick Garland’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee went off the rails right from the start, when Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) fought over the latter’s denial of a chance to air a video, and several other Republicans jumped in on the fray.

The blow-up began as Jordan railed against the recent proposal among Democrats to increase the IRS’s purview to monitor financial transactions. As Jordan blasted the “accelerated march to Communism” supposedly happening around the country, he moved to play a video of parents at school board meetings, but he was met with an objection.

Jordan was asked if he followed committee protocol by submitting the video for approval in advance. Jordan claimed he did, though he also insisted there’s no actual 48-hour rule. Nadler, however, claimed Jordan did not provide any such video in compliance with a 48-hours rule.

As Nadler sustained the objection, but Jordan moved to appeal the video’s forbiddance.

“That’s out of order. This is not debatable,” Nadler said.

“What’s out of order is there is no rule that requires a 48-hour notice, that’s what out of order,” Jordan said.

“There is such a rule.” Said Nadler.

“There is not!” Jordan countered.

As the fight continued other lawmakers joined in, with someone, presumably a Republican, saying, “Mr. Chairman, what are you afraid of?”

The disruption lasted until Nadler recited the protocol for the 48 hour rule before the committee. Jordan responded to that by grumbling that “obviously you’re going to censor us, which is sorta the conduct of the Left today it seems.”

Jordan yielded the rest of his time and the hearing moved on from there, though the House Judiciary GOP posted the video he wanted to show on Twitter.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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