Jesse Watters: Arpaio Pardon Not a Big Deal Because Obama Pardoned ‘Crack Dealers’


There were a whole bunch of reactions and hot takes to be had last night on the cable nets following the Friday night news dump from the White House announcing President Donald Trump had pardoned controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And there was quite a bit of outrage over the move, some even coming from Republicans.

However, one loyal Trump defender came right to the president’s defense. During last night’s broadcast of Fox News’ The Five, co-host Jesse Watters brought up previous pardons made by past presidents, notably Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, to make the case for Trump’s pardon of Arpaio, who was convicted last month of contempt after he continued to racially profile as Maricopa County Sheriff.

“I want to talk to you about the pardon of Arpaio,” Watters stated. “So you’ve had Bill Clinton, who famously pardoned Marc Rich, the biggest tax cheat in U.S. history.”

The Fox News host then moved on to Obama, making sure to misgender Chelsea Manning while bringing up the former president’s commutation of sentences for a number of nonviolent drug offenders.

“You know, you have President Obama who commuted the sentence of Bradley Manning, huge traitor,” he noted. “And you know, commuted sentences of a lot of crack dealers at the end of his administration.”

After some banter with correspondent Ed Henry and other hosts, Watters continued, asking Henry if it was that “big of a deal” for the president to pardon his “very loyal friend” over a “misdemeanor charge.”

Henry responded that while it wasn’t a big deal, it will appeal to the president’s base while leaving those in Washington horrified.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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