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Jimmy Kimmel Remixes The Tiger Woods Interviews

Jimmy Kimmel had some fun last night with the five-minute ESPN and Golf Channel interviews of Tiger Woods on his ABC late night show.

Besides commenting on Woods’ answers and the length of the interview, he edited together a fake interview between Woods and his security guard Guillermo.

Regarding Woods’ Golf Channel answer, “I tried to stop and I couldn’t stop and it was just, it was horrific,” Kimmel had a different word. “I think he meant, it was terrific. I tried to stop and I couldn’t, it was terrific,” he said.

He also noted that the five minute interview made sense for Tiger since “five minutes is like an entire relationship” for him.

Then it was time for Guillermo’s fake interview – with Woods’ real answers edited in. Here’s a sample:

G: Do you ever have sex with two hotel waitress at the same time?
T: Well just one is enough.
G: Why only one Tiger Woods?
T: You become disgusted.

Woods’ answers and action (once he returns early next month) will be a major focus on sports shows, news shows – and without a doubt, late night shows as well. Even if the Masters crowd is quiet in his first tournament back, the outside response in the media will be loud. Expect more from Kimmel and the rest of the late night crew.

Check it out:

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