Joe Lockhart: ‘Trump Was Running a Criminal Enterprise Out of the Trump Organization’

CNN contributor and former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart offered harsh words for President Donald Trump and the company he ran before becoming commander in chief.

The context was based on news that broke Thursday that Michael Cohen will be appearing on Capitol Hill next week to appear before a number of Congressional hearings, one of which will be broadcast publicly.

The CNN New Day panel of contributors assembled to opine on what sort of information they expected to be revealed by the former Trump Organization lawyer under oath and Lockhart believes, like many that “it will be really interesting to see where he can talk and where he can’t. I think all of the things that he’s pled guilty to we’re going to hear about, and that’s going to be fascinating. That’s going to be the hush money, maybe the Moscow project.”

Host John Berman interjected saying “I don’t think Russia,” in an apparent reference to the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Maybe the Moscow project, but not the Russia collusion,” Lockhart said, adding “But there’s — if you believe, as I do, that Trump was running a criminal enterprise out of the Trump organization, that’s really where the mother load is.”

Watch above via CNN.

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