Joe Scarborough Argues TV Networks Should Not Cover Trump’s Live Tweeting of Dem Debates Until Next Morning

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough argued on Tuesday that TV news networks should make an agreement to not give President Donald Trump any airtime if he live-tweets the upcoming Democratic primary debates.

The Morning Joe host floated the idea as his colleagues discussed a Wall Street Journal report that Trump’s advisers are trying to dissuade him — unsuccessfully, so far — from live-tweeting through the first debates next week.

“Can we all have an agreement — like all the networks that matter — nobody reports on his live tweets until the morning after,” Scarborough suggested. “He is doing it deliberately to do what we talk about all the time — draw attention away.”

Mika Brzezinski agreed that network executives will have to figure out how to account for Trump’s tweeting, though Sam Stein noted that the Journal “might as well report he will breathe during the debates.” Scarborough was still grateful for their report, however, because “now network executives should plan this out.”

“Are they going to be manipulated by Donald Trump like we’ve all been manipulated for three years?” Scarborough asked.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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