Joe Scarborough Flushes NRA Statement Live On Air: ‘Just Take That Down’


Conservative Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough ostentatiously deep-sixed a statement from the National Rifle Association whining about Walmart’s decision to stop selling AR-15 and handgun ammunition, cutting off his co-host telling the control room to take down a graphic of the statement.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski was reading the news about Walmart’s announcement that it will no longer sell ammunition commonly used in assault weapons and handguns.

The company made the announcement on Tuesday in a memo to employees and urged Congress and the White House to support “common sense measures” to reduce gun violence.

When Brzezinski began reading a statement from the NRA, however, Scarborough cut her off in mid-argle-bargle.

“Wait, wait, wait, I’m not going to read, wait no, just take that down,” Scarborough said. “I’m not going to read three lobbyists in Washington DC putting a statement out that actually goes against what the majority, overwhelming majority of Republicans believe. What the majority of NRA members believe.”

“They’re three people up there working for hedge funds that own gun companies, they are not gun owners, they’re not the rank=and-file gun owners,” Scarborough continued, adding that “when you look at this debate, you have people that have defended the Second Amendment their entire life, like myself, and after one AR-15 slaughter after another AR-15 slaughter after another AR-15 slaughter, in this case insufficient background checks led to the killing in Odessa.”

“there are a lot of conservatives, lot of Republicans, 89% in fact in the latest polling, who support universal background checks, a majority who support banning military style assault weapons, semi-automatic weapons,” Scarborough said. “And most Americans, an overwhelming, said ‘Enough,’ Walmart’s hearing that, other companies are hearing that. Enough.”

Scarborough was correct about background checks, but while a clear 60 percent majority of Americans favor an assault weapons ban, only 37 percent of Republicans favor such a measure in the poll Scarborough referenced. That poll did find an overwhelming 69 percent of Republicans in favor of licensing for firearms purchases.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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