Joe Scarborough: Russians Celebrating the Fact That the ‘Entire Republican Party are Useful Idiots’

Joe Scarborough opened Thursday’s Morning Joe with a deep lamentation of just how far his former Republican party has fallen in his esteem, following Wednesday’s congressional hearing featuring Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

While many in the media focused on what they called disastrous “optics” for Mueller and the Democratic-led House committees that held the hearings, Scarborough instead focused on the specifics revealed and or reiterated by Mueller during both the Judiciary and Intel committee hearings.

Scarborough noted how the Republicans were “ecstatic” Wednesday given how the hearings proceeded before listing the items learned and/or confirmed by the hearing: 1) Russia interfered with American democracy, 2) Trump and his campaign “happily welcomed” that interference, 3) Trump and his team members repeatedly lied to federal agents investigating this, 4) President Donald Trump lied under oath about Russians trying to infiltrate, and 5) “American democracy is still, is still under threat from the Russians.”

Scarborough ended this opening riff by blasting the GOP members of Congress who, during much of Mueller’s testimony, seemed entirely more focused on undermining Mueller and his team’s investigation into Russian interference, than the Russian interference itself.

“So just a little nightcap for Russians who have to be celebrating the fact that the entire Republican Party are useful idiots for them now and have flung open their arms for the Russians to come and undermine American democracy, Scarborough said.

“Last night, Mitch McConnell allowed two measures to protect America from Russian cyber invasion. He killed two bills that would protect this country,” Scarborough snarked, adding “Republicans, celebrate. What a great day it was for you and Vladimir Putin, I know you are happy with that.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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