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Joe Scarborough: ‘Why Do We Carry’ Press Conferences If Trump Attacks Reporters for Questions He Doesn’t Want to Answer?

Joe Scarborough questioned why MSNBC or any other network continues to air the White House’s coronavirus press briefings if President Donald Trump is going to keep using them as a vehicle to attack the media.

On Tuesday, Morning Joe discussed how Trump used the latest briefing to dismiss concerns about the government’s response to the public health crisis, plus the president attacked reporters again for asking tough questions. Since Trump frequently uses the coronavirus task force briefings as a means to rail against criticism, Scarborough wondered what was the point of airing them if the president won’t answer questions.

“If you ask the president a question he doesn’t want to answer, he shouts you down and moves on to somebody else who will ask an easier question,” Scarborough said. “So why do we hold those press conferences? Why do we carry them live two hours every night?”

Willie Geist answered that Trump attacks reporters in order to deflect from the federal government’s failings in dealing with the pandemic.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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