John Oliver: Mueller Screamed the Word ‘Impeachment’ With His Eyes

In John Oliver‘s view, Robert Mueller‘s news conference on Wednesday come off as something similar to a distressed hostage video.

During his Last Week Tonight opener on Sunday, the HBO host offered his take on the Mueller presser — and though it was quick, it was a scorcher.

“Robert Mueller [held] a press conference to scream the word ‘impeachment’ with his eyes,” the comic concluded.

From there, Oliver shifted gears to Jared Kushner‘s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During his visit, Kushner — a man, according to Oliver, who “constantly looks like he was just reset to factory settings” — gifted Netanyahu a President Donald Trump-signed map of Israel which included the Golan Heights.

“A map is a shitty gift,” Oliver said. “And getting it from Jared Kushner is the shittiest way to receive it. It would be like getting a bouquet of dead fish for your birthday delivered by Matt Lauer.”

After taking a jab at the messenger, Oliver proceeded to attack the message.

“That map is a huge symbolic gesture,” he said. “The Golan Heights is an area that virtually the entire international community considers occupied Syrian territory. So it’s a willfully provocative move with a finishing touch that is pure Trump.”

The finishing touch Oliver was referring to was Trump drawing an arrow pointing to the Golan Heights with the word “Nice” written beside it.

Watch above, via HBO.

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