John Oliver Targets His Own Parent Company AT&T For Giving to ‘White Nationalist’ Steve King


Comedian John Oliver called out his parent company AT&T for just now ending their employee PAC’s contributions to Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa, who has promoted white nationalist talking points and figures.

“Things are very spicy in Iowa’s 4th, where congressman Steve King, who has a history of flirting with white nationalists, has gotten in hot water for, among other things, meeting with an Austrian party founded by an SS officer in August. And when asked about that this week, he did not take it well,” the talk show host said last night.

Oliver went on to joke about King’s recent public outburst in-which he shouted at a reporter for asking if he supports white nationalists.

“That is a spectacular whiff when the question is simply, ‘Are you a white supremacist?’ People who aren’t white supremacists say ‘no,’ and even people who are white supremacists know to say ‘no,’ so it takes a special mix of racism and stupid to fuck that one up,” Oliver joked.

When commenting on the news that several corporate donors, including HBO’s parent company AT&T, stopped giving to King after his last couple weeks of racist controversies, he said that “the news really shouldn’t be ‘these companies bailed on him’ so much as ‘they were OK with him for a shockingly long time.'”

“Although of course AT&T didn’t catch on to King’s white nationalism—picking up on clear signals isn’t exactly their forte!” Oliver added, specifically jabbing his corporate overlords. “How do you like dem apples, business daddy? I bet you don’t like dem apples, do ya?!”

AT&T released the following statement last week regarding their contributions to King:

“In addition to our prior statement, we want to let you know that the AT&T employees who manage the disbursements of our employee PAC have now had the opportunity to review the controversy regarding Rep. Steve King, and have determined that the PAC will not make future contributions to him. The committee concluded that further support of Rep. King would not be consistent with one of our core values. ‘Stand for Equality.'”

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