Juan Williams Clashes With Fox Co-Hosts Over Trump and Baltimore: ‘This Is Such a Deep Echo Chamber’


The hosts of Fox News’ The Five clashed Tuesday afternoon over President Donald Trump’s comments on Baltimore, with Juan Williams arguing to his co-hosts that most Americans believe the president is a racist.

Greg Gutfeld said Trump’s tweet “created a focus on Baltimore” and even if “you might think he’s a jerk,” he’ll take it and “maybe somebody might do something about Baltimore.”

Williams argued this is about “trying to distract from Elijah Cummings’ effort at oversight on Trump” and counterpunching as opposed to fixing the problems in Baltimore.

He said there’s “a lot of people in Baltimore who have been very clear that Trump is not sincere in his attack on them, they don’t see any effort from the president, but the president has never shown interest in dealing with these issues.”

Katie Pavlich countered that there are people in Baltimore who have backed up Trump’s tweets, adding that the president has shown he’s “willing to work with anybody to solve a problem.”

At one point as Jesse Watters said that Trump has successfully put the Democrats and the media on defense, Williams remarked, “This is such a deep echo chamber.”

Gutfeld remarked, “You don’t have to insult us.” Williams started to say “I’m not insulting you, I’m just ––” before Dana Perino jumped in to criticize Democrats’ inability to “turn the tables on” Trump.

As the hosts went back and forth, Williams brought up the Quinnipiac poll this week finding that 51 percent of respondents say Trump is racist.

Gutfeld shot back, “I love how the polling says that the president is racist after months and months of the media saying the president is racist.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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