Karl Rove Calls Robert Gibbs A “Less Than Adequate” Press Secretary

Fox News contributor Karl Rove offered some clearly unsolicited advice to President Obama regarding who the President should hire to potentially replace Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. According to Rove, “Gibbs has signaled that he would like to replace David Axelrod [Obama’s Senior Adviser]” and just in case Obama was listening, Rove publicly issued a letter of recommendation for a new candidate who would better serve the President: Jay Carney, Director of Communications to Vice President Joe Biden. Considering the source of the reference, that surely kills Carney’s chances at a promotion anytime soon.

Before Rove discussed replacing Gibbs, he gave an unrestrained critique of his job performance, calling him a “less than adequate press secretary.” Rove even provided rationale for his harsh assessment, saying the “Press Secretary is supposed to return the phone calls and answer the emails of people that are in the press corps, and he doesn’t.” Rove doesn’t say who revealed to him this alleged unresponsiveness, but maybe Rove is just sad Gibbs doesn’t return his phone calls. Even though Rove is not a fan of Gibbs, apparently there is someone he likes even less: Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton, who, for some unknown reason, would be a “step down from Gibbs.”

Watch Rove’s personnel advice to Obama in the clip below from Fox News:

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